My Air Conditioning Experience

As the time has gone onward and technology continues to increase, I feel as if most individuals take advantage of such modern marvels such as an air conditioning system. I would always just crank my air down in the warm summer months and relish in the cooling air coming out of the vents without much thought that anything could ever go wrong! Unfortunately, my congenial attitude eventually waned and one day our beloved air conditioner just refused to turn on at all.

So, of course, it had to occur during the summer months when the heat in the Phoenix area rises to well beyond one hundred on some days. Needless to say, we were all sweating in my household and needed a solution to our problem very quickly.

We needed an air conditioning repair company pronto! But who to call? And more important for our family, how much would it cost to fix it? As I bit my nails, my husband fumbled around the garage for an old phone book which he dusted off. We began to fan through the pages and finally got to the repair portion. There were tons of professionals that serviced air conditioners! How were we supposed to choose?

HVAC PhoenixFortunately, I got the bright idea to go next door and ask our neighbor who she uses for repairs, as she had mentioned last summer that she had an issue with her cooling system. She gladly got the contact information for me and added in that the man works with your budget. Thank goodness! So we give them a call and they were very nice and knowledgeable. They asked us a few questions about our air conditioner and we even tried to do a few little tasks they suggested to see if it would simply start up itself without help. I was amazed that they were actually giving us advice for free!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Needless to say, I was very happy with this company and they hadn’t even driven out to our home yet. They even offered to come by and perform a free estimate first in order to make us more comfortable with how much it would cost. They were very prompt and serviced and got our air conditioner working in literally a matter of minutes.

Overall, although we were unprepared for an air condition nightmare, we realized that it is important to have a plan in order to be prepared for such mishaps in your home. It is imperative to have someone on reference so that you know who to call in the event of an emergency. Next time I am in need of HVAC Phoenix repair, I now know who to go to for advice. Start your search for an air conditioning company in your area and prepare yourself for a problem well in advance in order to save yourself time and stress during this time period. My family now prepares for everything and we could not be happier with our new motto.